Davis VP2 and WeatherLinkIP datalogger


First of all, I

You can use either one with WD.

Just by weatherlink ip. i have wasted time and Money, also xxx houers reg usb Version over one year now.
Now i run ip Version, and it just works, no prob, no hassel, just fu… works. And that what we whats.

I had already a serial logger and bought a serial to usb adapter from Davis, loaded and updated the drivers and that is from the Envoy. I also have the IP logger, if I had my druthers, I would use the serial to USB . But the key is the drivers.

I think if you would do a search of this forum on your question, you could find a wealth of information on experiences going anyway with any logger.

just a FYI, I use an IP data logger with my WD


To summarise, I should buy the IP datalogger and use that, sounds also better cause I won

there is that flexibility too with an IP data logger, i.e you connect it to a router
then the pc running the software can access it anywhere there is an internet connection (e.g even wireless internet connection will do (as it connects to the IP address of the IP data logger via the router))

I also have the IP logger and what WD says is true, I have both, one for the IP anywhere function and the other the serial, as I recall a long time ago I had the USB unit , not sure where that logger went… got to do some spring cleaning of my stuff.