Davis support requests by email, how long before they respond?

Hi all, anyone know how long Davis take to answer email support requests?

Sent an email over a week ago and not even been acknowledged

thats not good – i feel your frustration

I have sent 3 support requests in the last 2 years. They have not replied to any of them. Really bad. Maybe because I’m from Norway? But Davis is not in Norway, and the company where I bought my VP2 here doesn’t exist anymore.

Great, just as I thought, maybe try and see if the UK supplier can help.

So a quick update, I resent the original email to support and after a couple of days, i sent it again via their web contact form.

A day later I had a reply saying they will get the engineers to sort my problem so just waiting to see if that happens.

whats the problem your having

My own stupidity really.

I installed the console which made my old logger redundant. I wanted to remove the old logger from my account but there is no option to do so. I had the bright idea of deleting my old account and creating a new one registering the console as the only data provider.

Not a good idea, the console wont connect to the new account as it is registered to another account, the one I deleted so no way could I rectify it.

The support request was to free up the console to allow me to register it to my new account, they finally did this overnight and this morning, I registered it to my new account.