Davis station error on main graph and max min temp

When i lunch WD with cabled davis station, Vantage pro or Wizard III (it’s same) , i have the error on main graph with high or low peak on temp value or barometer line or wind.See here

The summary image of this station report -56.2

thats strange…
if you could turn on ultimeter data logging, under setup, general and misc, then email me the rawultimeterdata.txt file produced

is this with the latest verison of weather display?
also, the new VP models you most likely need rev b setting
and also, check your barometer offset, under setup, barometer offsets and rainfall…if its at altitude, you will need to set that…
not sure if its related or not

and or maybe its a com port problem on that PC?
you never know

The version is latest version of WD i do not beleve that depend of this.
The com port haven’t problem.
The error occours with another pc too.
The setting are correct for barometer,altitude and …

I do not undestand what do you mean with

" the new VP models you most likely need rev b setting "

Cheer Mario

please go to setup, general and misc, ultimeter data logging, and set that to ON
then a file called rawultimeterdata.txt is created
email me that file, and what the conditions should be (and weather station type the data is from)
and i can then see what the data shows in its raw form

Now i’m at my home and haven’t pc with me.

I post it in the next time



Dear Brian,

i hav Weather monitor III, and into general and misc men

Please cany you help me?


In 9.85 it’s under the setup menu


General and colour/misc/tide setup

then set the ON option for

Log the raw ultimeter data for beta testing only

The prompts may vary in the version you have.

It’s an option to capture a data file for debugging, it doesn’t affect your weather station set up.

sorry i missed these posting…
i dont seem to be getting replies for new postings by email…
now, also check under general and misc setup that you do not have pad out missed data at start
check there maybe too

Tank you, but where WD save the file with raw data?

Into logfile folder there isn’t !!!

Help me

sorry, its where the main program is
i.e where WeatherD.exe is

and its called

strange no one else is reporting this…

accept i do know of someone in Italy where in certain humidity level, temperature, he gets winds speed spikes (shows on console too)…davis does know about this…(WMII)

This is the data into raw file, with spike on the main graph for baro line and temp line.
In this case, the spike are only for temp ,Umidity,Dewpoint and Barometer line but not for wind. The value of min an max temp , Ur% and the barometer level are corrupt when the spike verified.For example , i have -20 or -53