Davis Station and Metar on the same computer

I have been using WD in the stationless mode with Metar data from my local airport to learn the software until my Davis Vantage 2 arrives.

When I get the Davis, is there a way to keep my current WD settings to use the Metar and run another copy of WD with my Davis? Can WD handle two “stations”?




You can run two instances of WD if you want. See http://discourse.weather-watch.com/t/4402 for more details. However, WD will still read METAR data when you’re reading data from a station, although perhaps you’re trying to do something different than I’m thinking of.

Hi Frank,

If I understand your question…Yes, you would just need to change WD to operate in “normal” mode (not stationless) with your weather station. You can continue to get metar data, you just don’t use it to create your weather anymore, your weather station handles that. You can do many things withthe metar data, like update your summary icons for instance.

yes, you can do this easily
install to a new directory
then create a file there called 2wd.txt
(i.e save a file with notepad.exe , with a few lines of text, called 2wd)
then start up wd there
it should start up like brand new
then that 2nd version you can set to use with the VP
and it will be completly separate to the other original metar update version

I did what you suggested and installed to a new directory. I am getting some stuff updated/uploaded. But the main table *.htm file is not getting updated. The other images like summary.gif and the screen snap shot show the correct times. But the main table is not being created.

The main issue I have found is in the registry files. I installed to C:\wdisplay2 but the reg file and the ini file shows the installed dir is C:\wdisplay when It shoule show C:\wdisplay2

I am using version 10.20b

You may see at frankpinkston.com/weather2/adrian.htm


check under view, ftp log, view full log to see the name of the table that is being uploaded

dont worry, WD will know where its located, even if its not in the ini file correct