Davis rain guage with Lacrosse WS-2310

Just wondering if anyone has tried this…
I have a Davis rain guage hooked to my Weather Wizard III.
Would it be possible to hook this up to my Lacrosse system?

I realize that I would have to re-calibrate, but would it work at all?

yes, now that you can set the rain gauge resolution in the units setup, which now works with a la crosse 2310 in wd…
but as for the electronic switch over, that will be harder

or double the cachtment area of the la crosse rain gauge…

That’s nice that you can change the resolution. I figured that the electronics would be about impossible. Guess I’ll have to just same my pennies for a Vantage Pro. The WS-2310 is a great value for the money, but seeing that rain guage next to the Davis…looks kind of “mickey mouse”. It does seem to be ok though - the two guages are usually off by only around 5/100.

how did you get on with the custom view window in wd snowman?

I started playing around with it some last week - still learning how to use it properly.
I’ve kind of let the further tweaks go for just a little bit - I have my page the way I like it for now, uploading successfully to CWOP & Weather Underground. WD is just humming along perfectly - just happy for now to sit back and watch it run.

I’ll definitely be working on the custom screens soon.
And, another question…you had mentioned to me about the custom internet file creation and upload - what would be the purpose of using this?

And…thanks for all your help the past couple weeks Brian - you’ve got me up and running and now I can peruse the software more.

customise internet and file creation setup screen:
that gives you complete control of the files uploaded to the website

you set the times that files are created AND separately the times that the files are uploaded to the web site

so you can have some files uploaded more often than others, for example.
and you can also change the remote file name too,if you wish

you can also set times to create and upload the custom web page files too (wxlocal.html to wx.html), and even set a new remote name, etc
you can even set to have some files update/upload every minute, and tick 1 minute update, to set that into motion

Thanks Brian - more cool stuff to explore!