Davis Rain Collector II

Can anyone tell me how I know if I have the unit that is .01 inch or .2mm. The documentation has explanations for both but does not say how to determine which one it is.

I am using it with a 1-wire station and have made the conversion with the counter from AAG. Each tip of the bucket gives a reading of .01 inches, so if I have that unit, great. If it is the .2mm, is the a setting in WD to give correct readings in inches?


i have assumed 0.2mm gauge in wd
i will add opton to use the 0.254mm (i.e 0.01 inch) gauge instead

I use an original rain guage with my 1-wire setup. Is there something I need to change?

My problem is that I can’t find out which gauge I have. I suppose i could put out a regular rain guage and compare the two.


If you purchased it within the US it is 0.01 inches

Thanks, I assumed that was the case but…


i am uploading vers 9.42a that has the option to use a 0.01 inch davis gauge added

Does this effect all of us one wire users? Do I need to be setting a value somewhere? I use the original 1-wire rain guage.

no greg
why would it?
its only uses the adjustment if you tick that box
if you have the original gauge, then it uses the default
thats it

Sorry to be so paranoid. I thought it would get ticked by default as the new “standard” and thought I would need to change it for a different setting. I finally found that option under set up one -wire weather station.