Davis Extra Temperature Sensor - Help Needed


I have purchased the Davis 6372 VP2 Wireless Temperature Sensor ( temp only, no humidity) to display water temperature.

I can’t seem to get it to work in WD. I have done the following…

  • Control Panel, Station Type & Settings - Under Davis, I checked “I have extra temperature sensors”.
  • Control Panel, Units & Other Settings - Under "Temperature Setup, I entered the label “Water Temperature” in “Extra temperature label”.
  • View, Davis VP/Vue Extra Temp/Hum - For Sensor #1, I “Set the sensor name” to “Water Temperature” in the box there is the value 491.0 degrees F ???.

The clientraw file #20 (Extra Temp Sensor 1) has a value of 6.1 degrees C = 43 degrees F, but it should be closer to 70 degrees F. And has the same value when the temperature probe is disconnected from the station.

Can someone please help me to get this to work, both getting the correct value in clientraw and for the Water Temperature display in the WD main window.