Datas un Weather Display?

Hello everyone ,
I currently use CUMULUSMX for data transmission
I’m considering switching to Weather Display
CumulusMX outputs the data in realtime.txt
In which file under Weather Display are the data transmitted to the site?
Is there a modification made to the site for the display of data
I of course use PWSD on the site
Thank you for your information
Michel says Courtil

WD has a series of files, called clientrawxxxxxx.txt, where xxxxxx can be a number of strings which describe the data in them. pwsWD can read these files to create the web site.

The Weather Display file for pwsWD is called clientraw.txt

There is a change to be made in easyweathersetup settings.

Hi courtil,

As you are not using a separate foldewr for pws-dashboard, the filename and location currently used is realtime.txt

For WD it should be ./clientraw.txt

Hello everyone ,
Your responses allowed me to update my site and use
WD for collecting weather data
Thank you for everything
Michel says Courtil