Datalogger doesn't download temperature and humidity data

Hi to everyone!
I have a problem with Weather Display since 2 days ago. When I start the WD and it downloads the data from the datalogger, It upload only wind, rain but not more the temperature and humidity data. I have flat lines in the graph and the same temp and humidity when i closed WD. :roll: Why?
I have an Oregon Scientific WMR200 and it worked well untill 2 days ago.
I tried to upgrade with the last version but it works worse because it seems to download data but then it does nothing! No graph no data in log file. #-o

is the outdoor temp/hum showing/working OK on the console?

No, actually I have a problem with my temp/hum sensor. It doesn’t send the signal to my console. Yesterday It stopped to transmit the signal. I think that It suffers too much humidity. When there is a lot of humidity it stops to work. It has already happened in the past.
However when the problem started, the sensor sent the signal to the console correctly. :?
Maybe the time of change weather station is arrived…

Today the thermoigrometer works again. It sends the signal to the console and works also in WD.
I tried to test if it uploads all data…I closed WD, waited some minutes and opened WD again…and same thing, it seems to download data but no temp and humidity data from datalogger, flat lines. :pale:

so live data is now working?
maybe wait for that to populate the history data

Live data are working good as usual. The problem starts when i turn off my pc. Tomorrow when i’ll download the data…i’ll loose all temp and humidity data since when i turn off the PC.

hopefully not…once you have within range temperature/humidity data in the data logger archive
one thing: make sure the time and date on the console is correct…i.e the same as the pc

same error: also today i lost all temperature and humidity data since i closed WD yesterday evening.
The time and date is the same on pc and console.
I put the graph image where you can see the flat lines untill I open WD again after 9 AM.

I see that the barometer is also a straight line
which might be a clue
is the barometer reading correct on the station?
what is the barometer offset in WD you have set?
if you could email me your settings files then I will test the history data here with my VP

No, the barometer works fine. In that period of time it always was at same pressure.
However at this moment the thermo-igrometer is down and no signal transmitted to the console.
I think that until I solve this problem, it is useless to understand why it does not transmit data from the data logger.

However I plan on getting an Ecowitt weather station with GW1000 dongle.
A question about this: if I’ll set up WD with the GW1000, every time I’ll open the WD, will it download all the data and update the graphs as if it has a datalogger? (pratically the same operation of a WMR200)
Maybe it’s a stupid question but I would like to understand how it works so as not to have to keep the PC on 24 hours a day.

what is your current weather station type?
I thought it was a Davis VP…but you just mentioned a wmr200?

no , the gw1000 does not store history data, sorry

Yes I have an Oregon WMR200.
So with a GW1000, the PC must to be always on, isn’t It?

but if you have an ambient station that is then set to send data to the ambient cloud service and you get an api key from them to use in WD then WD can get history data from there
re the wmr200,the problem looks like you have issues with sensors?

Oh ok maybe I understood. WUnderground, Awekas, Meteotemplate or Ecowitt Weather can do that, isn’t it? This would be excellent!

However, yes, I have issues with my thermo-igrometer sensor. :frowning:

Silly question, but how old are the batteries, and how clean are the contacts? If the batteries are OK but have been in use for some time, just rotating them in the sensor can sometimes improve the electrical connection and start transmission again. You might have to press “reset” on the sensor, and/or set the console to “search” for it.

There are no silly questions.
The batteries are new. By resetting, the sensor returns to work but sometimes for a few days and sometimes only for a few hours. It is frustrating to reset the sensor every 2-3 days or less because it is placed on my terrace on a 3 meters high pole. #-o