Since I am into my third year of “click here for April 200x” lining up on my page, I decided to drop most of them by clearing them from the above file. That didn’t work until I checked “let me manage my…”

My question is, will anything else go away now that I am managing my datahtm2.txt file or was there a better way?

rename or move those files out from your webfiles folder

i also need to arange them in better order me thinks

maybe just put them under a single link?
thanks for response


Another way to do this is have links to last 3 months in datahtm2
Then I created another page called archived data.htm
I have links to all my month.htm files on this archived data.htm page.
Goes back to when I started in August 2000
I change the html code each month in datahtm2 to keep things current.
See my web page to see what I mean.
Obviously I have ticked let me manage the datahtm2 file.