Data Received light blinking when nothing connected

why does the “data received” light blink and the “data quality” stay green when I don’t even have a device attached?

I thought these gave you an indication that WD was getting data from the sensors and that it was good data. Am I misinterpreting these lights?

Have you downloaded the iButton OneWireViewer for 1-wire devices? I use it to determine if my 1-wire network and sensors are working ok. You can get it at:

Works great! But, be sure to run either WD or OneWireViewer, not both at the same time. They’ll conflict as both are trying to read the 1-wire devices at the same time.

thanks Geewizard…I have the Ibutton stuff and use it as you do.

I have WD running reliably - until my DS9097 went bad…so as we talked in my other message thread, I replaced it with my spare DS9097 and all is fine again. On my test system, (where I stole the spare DS9097 from) I now have nothing connected, and I noticed that WD still has the green blinking lights - so everything “looks” ok, but I know that nothing is connected. Seemed odd to me.

its the way i desigend it with the 1 wire…i,.e it blinks when it goes to get info from the ibutton…and not when it gets info back (as its normaly connected to the receive of the com port, but the i button works differently)

thanks. It was my misinterpretation. What about the “data quality”? What does it actually mean - and what should it do when not connected to anything?

its a similar thing
its more to do with receiveing data from the comport with routines that have a CRC error checking…and the data quality light then flashes red, or for stations where the data arrives staggered…and once it all arrives then it goes green
if using stationless, it goes green straight away