data from other software

Is there anyway to convert data from VWS to files for weatherdisplay, perhaps a stand alone conversion program that is separate from the weather display for this purpose.

It would create two files, the data and the log. That way, one (such as myself) could have last years or a number of months of data in historical files. This way, I would have last years data files as well as last years log files.

I think putting it into the weatherdisplay directly would be a mistake as it must be getting kilometers long in pages. But a stand alone to convert would be nice. I have no programming experience and the BASIC I knew is long gone. :slight_smile:

i know nothing about vws and how it handles it data
but if you can get it into a text file format, say comma separated or space separated, then thats half the hurdle done

an incantation from some unknow tribe has the answer.

Thought I would ask.