"dailylogout.html" is empty

Reasently the dailylogout.html is not updated anymore, just the headings. WD is 10.37R274

Daily Report Lillestr

thats odd
its working OK here
did this problem start with a certain version, or?

i’m not quite sure. I think it must have been some of the latest versions when it stopped working. My guess is one of the versions the last 14 days

Its past midnight now, and the date is updated, but still no data

try updating to the most recent version and let me know :wink:

Downloaded zip version Version on 16 June 2015 - 02:00:58. But still no data :frowning:

as its working OK here

it uses the logfile
in the logfiles folder
does that have (daily) data in it?

It contains only the heading:
day month year hour minute temperature humidity dewpoint barometer windspeed gustspeed direction rainlastmin dailyrain monthlyrain yearlyrain heatindex

then that is the problem
do you have WD set to create logfiles?
is there a 62015lg.txt file?

Yes, that file is (62015lg.txt) her, but last entries are :
6 6 2015 12 28 12.5 94 11.6 994.0 3.4 4.3 202 0.0 5.4 23.5 212.0 12.5
6 6 2015 12 29 12.5 95 11.7 994.0 3.0 4.3 177 0.0 5.4 23.5 212.0 12.5

so even the main log file is not updating
is the switch on
logfile setup?

It was switched on. I switched off, restarted, switch on, restartet. Still no data. Renamed 62015lg.txt , restarted this file is NOT created.

The files that are created is


another thing to check
make sure you do not have set to , share logfiles, in the setup, advanced/misc setup

also, what is the barometer reading in WD/on the station?

The barometer is the same in the display as in the program (999)
I dont see the setting

there is the problem right there in that setup
use the logfiles from this location (read only)
and same for the data files

you should not have those ticked

then restart WD

There it was! So no bug :slight_smile:
Thanks for Your time!