Daily reset (2)

hi all,

because i had other things with my comp to do in couldn’t do the daily reset
So I choose do the daily reset NOW in reset daily extreme values
but it doesn’t do it.

what do I wrong ?

i will add another flag to that rotuine…
do you have set 9am reset or midnight (main) reset under units?


I use midnight reset; I did once 09.00 but that confused
with ohers. Beside that, here (europe) it’s common
to measure values for rain at 08.00h.

So midnight is ok but can you split that rain ? :wink:

yes, there is a independent rain reset time…seee under the units set up…


as always you 've been just one step before ! did’nt notice that function !
:oops: thanks reply.


daily reset at 04.00 rain at 09.00 h
since 17 oct i have no av/ex values

still be back to reset at midnight ?

zip and email me your 102002lg.txt log file