CWOP Servers

Can someone share their current servers in their WD setup? Mine seemed to have stopped on the 17th and im seeing conflicting info on what servers to use. I found this on the CWOP site, but unknown of the date when this was posted.

CWOP-1 - - - - - - Gerry Creager, N5JXS - - - Norman, Oklahoma
CWOP-2 - - - - - - Jim Fuller, N7VR - - - Billings, Montana
CWOP-3 - - - - - - John Ronan, EI7IG - - - Waterford, Ireland
CWOP-4 - - - - - - Gerry Creager, N5JXS - - - Norman, Oklahoma
all cwop servers - - - : port 14580 or port 23 - - - this links to all four CWOP servers.

I have attached my current WD servers settings.



Your setup looks just like mine except for the port #

I haven’t used CWOP in a long time so unfortunately I can’t tell you if they are having issues or not. More times than not WD is working and the distant end is having problems. IIRC the server rotation was changed years ago to even out the server load. Brian modified the code in WD to match up with their changes and as I remember it took a lot of the confusion out of trying to get WD working with CWOP.

If you’re still unable to connect post a reply and I’m sure others will chime in…

Add: I just enabled my CWOP setup and it connected and sent data so I don’t think there is an issue on the CWOP side of things…at least not right now anyways…

My CWOP data hasn’t updated for about 20 hours. I did install a new release of WD yesterday (WD for Mac, Build 368 Version on 27 March 2022 - 05:26:45) that could be related.

Mine continues updating okay.

Mine has been updating to just fine. But not here, not updated since March 17th, but findu is updating fine.

Our state pages stopped using my data cause its not updating on the gladstone page. I’ve emailed them, but no response.

my CWOP data is showing up at the gladstone site OK for me

I am seeing this on my gladstone page. Maybe your page is marked as inactive also?

Data is being seen at, but this site is not currently marked as active. To fix this, send email to CWOP-Support and ask her to activate your site.

My data is finally showing back up. Still not sure why it stopped.