Custom web tags for monthly high wind speed and gust wrong?

If you check my web site today, it says that:

Max Wind Speed Yesterday = 9.4mph
Max Gust yesterday = 17.7mph

Max Wind speed this month = 8.1 mph
Max Wind gust this month = 17.3 mph

Since yesterday was part of this month, how can the wind yesterday be different than the max for the month to date?


i would guess that there are 2 possibilities:
round errors with going from kts to mph
and the peak gust was missed when writing the record to the data file…(which is done each minute, and every 10 minutes for the monthly file)…
or somthing like that

man, you dont get much wind where you live ian!
42 kts (46 mph or so) here just today, for us, and thats a normal day…

Hi Brian,
I don’t think it is a rounding error for units conversion - it seems to be the fact that the peak windspeed is not being logged in the data file.

You are right, we don’t get a lot of wind here. Several reasons - I’m in a shallow valley surrounded by lots of trees over 100 feet tall. But I am convinced there is more wind than my WMR-968 measures - my all time record gust of 23mph happened on the day 5 trees were blown down! Some day I will invest in a real weather station and put this toy to rest!

In the meantime, every fraction of a knot counts for me, so do your best to catch every one!


teh wmr918/68 is not very good for windspeed, as it does not sample very often, and so it takes a while for the average to increase…