Custom Web Page

Since I loaded Ver. 9.37e my custom web page is not working right. wxlocal.html isn’t loading a new wx.html on the local drive and it is uploading instead of index.html a file that is in index.html (animatedhttp.gif) What went wrong?

On reviewing the ftp file log I notice WD has stopped putting a slash mark before the file name.
Local files: C:\wdisplay\webfilesshermanweatherdial.gif
Local files: C:\wdisplay\webfilesaveragedial.gif
Local files: C:\wdisplay\webfilesgustdial.gif
Local files: C:\wdisplay\webfilesdirectiondial.gif
Local files: C:\wdisplay\webfileshumdial.gif
Local files: C:\wdisplay\webfilestempdial.gif
Local files: C:\wdisplay\webfilesdewdial.gif
Local files: C:\wdisplay\webfilesbarodial.gif
Local files: C:\wdisplay\webfilesraindial.gif
Used to be C:\wdisplay\webfiles\raindial.gif

How can I correct this?

I went to setup and reset the location for webfiles and its working again.

this is the 5th thread all on the same thing:
the web files location needs resetting (only if you had changed it in the past), becuase of a change with the use of the \ at the end (it was beign added when it read it in before), and problems with win 98 if 2 slashes

i have made it simpler and less complicated, but this has stuffed it up for some (only if you have changed the web files location in the past)
good you managed to fix it weatherbee

Most times when I have an unexpected shutdown the WD Program error log reports the web files location as “h:\wdisplay\webfiles”. I must always reset the web files location to “h:\wdisplay\webfiles”.
WIN 98SE WD v. 9.37a.
I found the answer in another thread.

hopefully this is going to sort itself out…before xmas, and we can all have smoother sailing