Custom Tags and Cumulus Software

I need to create an output file that is equivalent to what Cumulus produces as I have another program thta will only accept this format.

I need a text file that looks like this.
Feb 01 2009 12:34

Format of the file
The first line is the time the file was created in local PC time.

The second line is the wx report. The format is:

272 - wind direction - 272 degrees
010 - wind speed - 10 mph
g006 - wind gust - 6 mph
t069 - temperature - 69 degrees F
r010 - rain in last hour in hundredths of an inch - 0.1 inches
p030 - rain in last 24 hours in hundredths of an inch - 0.3 inches (Cumulus does not supply this value)
P020 - rain since midnight in hundredths of an inch - 0.2 inches
h61 - humidity 61% (00 = 100%)
b10150 - barometric pressure in tenths of a millibar - 1015.0 millibars

How can I have WD create the text file. Would it be to create a cusotm tag file? If so how do I get the custon tag file to create the text file?


create aprs wxnow.txt

That is embarassing! Anway to control how often the file is created?


its updated every minute

Thanks. I noticed that my Vantage Pro is showing .60 in/hr rain rate. The WXNOW.TXT file is showing r006 which is .06in/hr??


WD is writing the total rain fallen in the last immediate hour