Custom Screen Slide Show Not Working

Hi Everyone,

I have a question about using the ‘slide show’ feature in the custom screens.
A little background - I have a little TV hooked to my laptop in the living room running WD 24/7. I have set up several ‘custom screens’ showing the data I would like to display. One of these is a background image from my webcam showing the current jpg that I have captured and saved in WD downloads as per the instructions.

So, I want to use the slide show feature to play these screens continuously (3 screens selected) - however - when I try to do this, nothing happens. There is no transition between the screens. I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong. Has anyone else set this up? I’ve tried changing the delay time etc. in both the VIEW menu and the right click option within the custom screens themselves. and nothing. It just stays on the original screen

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


what version/build of WD?

this used to work OK but might have got broken at some stage (its not commonly used)
I will need to do some testing