Custom pages / Tags

Hello All,

Perhaps this has been answered in previous posts but I’m unable to locate and answer.

I would like to customize the default pages such as dailyreport.htm and dailynoaareport.htm to include body tags and other tags if desired. I’ve tried editing the noaahtm0.txt but will not keep the added tag. I could however change the title/title tag. I have a list of all the tokens or tags used in WD custom web page creation but nothing about the NOAA reports or the daily reports. Are there tags available to place just the output from the dailynoaareport into a page?

Thanks in advance…


you could use the special file conversion in the custom web page setup, and select the dailynoaareport file, with tags in the header file,and then wd would produce another output

i am going to add to the web page setup where you can select a file to insert into your stationname .htm file (then you could select the noaa part 2 file, which contains the actual data)
and I am going to add where the default generated station name wd web page you can use custom tags in say the datahtm3.txt or datahtm0.txt or even the datahtm2.txt (if ticked to control it) files

Thanks Brian, I will try the special file conversion. It would be great to provide a way either by tag/token, eg; %noaareport% to include that data from the noaahtm1.txt file as you’re suggesting with a page setup option.

In the meantime, I will use the separate Noaa display page.



i am uploading a new 9.88d now where can select a text file to be inluded in the datahtm3.txt file…
and you can then select that file…

i am uploading a new 9.88d now where can select a text file to be inluded in the datahtm3.txt file... and you can then select that file...

Thanks fro the quick response to the NOAA text file data. I am having a time trying to find the setup page where the option is located. I thought it may be under the web files/ page setup screen but I don’t see it. Would you please direct me to the correct page?

Thanks again for your speedy response.