Current Sky - No Valid Data Found

Current Sky was working until today and now it show “invalid data”. Updated scripts and still appears. Any guidance is appreciated. thanks


Does the METAR station you’re using still have valid data? Sometime stations shut down completely, or temporarily for maintenance so that might be the reason.

mine is not working either
API Status | CheckWX Aviation Weather API ( shows a issue

As far as I know the METAR station is still operational KPHL (Philadelphia International). Is there a way to check, outside of PWS Dashboard to check METAR activity? I’ve seen “offline” errors before, which usually resolve within a day or so. As always, thanks for your help.

validated that KPHL is actively updating weather. Would it be worth deleting my current API and generate a new one?? thanks!!!

The site who delivers the METARs is partly down.
They are working on it

Using a replacement API-key or a “new user - API” also fails.

Solution: If you are using clientraw/Aeris/DarkSky-replacement or EnvironmentCanada, you can use them for the sky-conditions also.


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Same problem for me also

All scripts should be working now, at least after the cached data is invalid (600 seconds).

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As always, thanks Wim for your help!!