Current graphs upload issue

Over the past month I have had no uploads of the cur24/48/72 hr graphs to my site.
I have the 1minute ticked on file #11 on page 1 of the internet file creation & uploads. i can click create this file now & upload & the file is there. But never updates after that. Any help appreciated.


Can’t help, but I’m having a similar problem with aqi.gif and aqichart.gif - and maybe other things I haven’t yet noticed :confused:

Changed my WD (build 150) from one make of station to another and they have not uploaded since.

I have same problem with aqi.gif and aqichart.gif. they will upload with test button but not every 10 minutes.

I’m going to agree with the build issue. Mine stopped February 14 and has not been functioning since unless I manually create & upload file

What is the date on the ftpupd file in main WD folder try an older one to see if that works

I had updated WD to build 150 before I changed station from WMR200 to Ecowitt on 14 April, and everything was uploading OK then.

I sent Brian an e-mail (with other queries) on 20 April but so far no answer. . . I was going to give it a while in case he’s on holiday and then try again.

My current date of that file is March 14, 2024.

My charts are all uploading automatically with no issues. I’m on the latest WD build, 10.37S-151, 24 April 2024.

Try untick 1 minute and set the times for 15 minute intervals see if that works.
Are the files updating in the webfiles folder and just not uploading or both failing

Files are updating just not uploading. I unticked 1 minute and set times for 15 minutes and still not uploading

some older FTP files to try copy your existing one first before trying

Issue RESOLVED. I updated to the April 24 build. Removed all the created graph files & reset time to create files every 1 minute and upload every 5 minutes.
Thanks for all the input!!

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In my case I also wasn’t getting PurpleAir readings in the tag %purpleairaqi%, but Brian kindly provided a that has solved this and the gif uploads for me.

Keep an eye open for a mention in WD Version History. . .