Current Conditions Icon/Text Alternatives

The local METAR that I use does not update sky conditions for “clear skies, partly cloudy, overcast, etc.”. The only time it’ll update is when lightning is observed, thunderstorm, etc. Other than that, it’ll show “—” for the current conditions report.

I have my WD set up to use the METAR station for current conditions icon and text with my station’s rain gauge over riding it.

However, is there a better way to do this? For instance, our active weather has pushed out of the area and now we’re under partly cloudy skies, but my site is still showing “— lightning observed” for at least the past hour or two.

I’d like it report accurately…like right now - “sunny” or “partly cloudy”. How could I obtain this?


make sure you have set to use the current conditions from a metar
in the webfiles/web page setup, real time ftp setup
also, if you have a solar sensor, then you can get WD to update the current conditions for the clientraw from that
in the solar setup