Current 24 hour graph

I noticed today that the 24 hour graph, the wind lines are very small, I have it set to show the gust and average and usually get the same as the program graphs, but these seem to only show the average speed or less. No gusts and all the settings look fine. This is really odd. :roll:

My 24 hour graph looks fine. Do you have a html coding problem where you’re forcing a particular size for the gif on your web page?

I just looked at your web page… Do you have the color set to “blue” for all of the wind lines?!

No, I am not doing any special coding. I, for comparison have added the screen shot for comparison. The two graphs should be very close. I also looked at Windy’s and he seems to have the same thing.

One additional thing I love about this software, never boring.

check under graph setup, windspeed half scale, option…

i have made some changes (so that it auto scales to 100kts if over 50 kts)
is 9.60 better?

I tried the 1/2 scale . On the computer - screen shot it is fine and changing the 1/2 scale back and forth does change, but on the graph alone, no change. The graph peaks itself doesn’t match the graph scale.

ok, the graph only for web page:
that uses a separate routine
i will fix :slight_smile: