Create clientraw.txt file from PWS_Dashboard

my weather station sends data like Ecowit to my PWS-Dashboard with a file like this: Ecco_lcl.arr
I noticed there is an Android app that creates a widget from your personal station.
Unfortunately, this app only takes data from clientraw.txt or yowindow.xml files.
Is there already a way with pws-dashboard to generate such a file with a weather station of my type?
Best regards

I don’t believe there is. The full set of clientraw files contain many hundreds of values in total so creating them would be non-trivial and as it’s something that very few people would use it would be a lot of work for little benefit.


So at least I can’t find a way to specify a yowindow.xml location in the Android app. In the Windows version (which no longer works) there was the possibility. But in Android? Where?
If one could actually use one’s own PWS, one would be able to generate this file via TAG-capable software such as CumulusMX or FOSHKplugin.
I don’t see the possibility with PWSDashboard at the moment.


Hi, ok, thanks a lot.
I’m writing a cronjob that can do that.
I’m already at a good point. I’m testing it.
If someone is interested please tell me and I’ll be happy to share my work.
Best regards