Crazy Baro readings

I have an OR968 running on Windows XP Pro. I downloaded ver.9.95d and now the baro on the main screen keeps jumping all around If I lower the offset it dives way to low and if I raise the offset it soars too high. Never had this before. The OR console is fine.

i have seen reports of similar things over the years…
nothing special changed with 9.95d
maybe you need to select the wmr968
and normaly with a wmr968 you need a base offset of 61 hpa

what is your current barometer reading, and your current offset?

After reloading WD the baro settled down and its offset is 84.6 mb. This is more than the offset I had yesterday but it’s working .
I also noticed that the main screen would wiggle for a couple of seconds while this was happening.
All seems good now.

the wiggle is when a weather warning threshold has been reached (most likley pressure change in the last hour!
the wiggle is to get your attention, LOL