corrupted registry pop up

and message to go to a web site ( etc)
what is the fix for this pop up box (its on my mums pc)
i dont trust the web site

I think you got a search redirect spyware/adware thing going there. I would run a spyware zapper as a first step.

i did try running adaware, but it did not fix it, but it sure found lots of other stuff that a certain 9 year old cousin gets from playing online games!!
mybe next time i will see if i can try another one like spybot…

We got Spy Sweeper as corporate standard now so someone must think that’s pretty good.

I run WebRoot’s SpySweeper on all our systems at home. I have the same thing on my system here at work.

Also, Microsoft has a free product that works very good called Microsoft

Hmmm…I could suggest other reasons! We have to use various tools simply because our outsourcing company got a good monetary deal on them as opposed to them actually being the best tool for the job :x

I use skybot and run it about every two weeks also ad-aware. The second sometimes picks up ones missed by the other.
I think the folk that design the spyware are always trying to keep one step ahead of the spyware zappers.


It’s a good idea to run a cache flusher like Window Washer first, then you won’t have a heart attack when you see all the cookies listed as spyware.