Come on... SNOW ALREADY!

Who just bought a new snow thrower? Humm? Humm?

I’ll be looking forward to electric start and a lot more horsepower.

Of course, with a high of 94.5F (34.7C) today… I think I have to wait a bit.

(Anybody notice that my camera has become the “rabbit cam”? They’re all over the place around here.)

What a totally depressing thought…


Oh no… I love the snow… winter is definitely my favorite season.

What I hate is mowing… and mowing… give me 5:30 in the morning and a foot of snow on the ground any day!

Bought a new snow thrower two years ago. Not had but about 1" of snow since. #-o
Last winter my last lawn mowing for the 2006 season was around Jan 2007!! 8O

I have a snow thrower in the shed. I have a gentleman and his sons do our snow. When I leave for school in the morning, the plow generally comes by and puts up a big wall… We are a corner house, so we get the snow from down the street and from the intersection as the Patrol does its job. They do a good job and they push the snow toward the weather tower, so going out there is a bit of a climb over the pile to take depth readings at the tower. I have several depth sticks around the yard , so I try not to get any drift readings. I am curious how the new roof and vent fan will do . But I can wait on the snow.

So… it is come in from the north, put the Jeep in 4 wheel drive and gun it over the mound and up the drive.

On occasions, I will bring out the unit and it is a pain because I have to judge that the wind doesn’t blow toward me and instant snow aardvark.

However, the unit I have is a Toro and does a pretty fair job. I can wait for winter… Des Moines always has school even in the worst of times, as we have very few to hardly any rural routes like Carterlake probably has out that way.


Whats that?


Winter = Wet & Windy (no offence Brian :wink:)

If we see snow then it’s in the form of snow pellets and stays on the ground for all of about 12 hours. Last winter we didn’t loose sight of the grass once. :roll:

plenty of wind here today!

the forecast for today: A Flash Flood Watch is in effect from 7 PM-7 AM Wednesday for parts of Central Iowa. The Des Moines metro area is in the watch.
Some areas could see an 1" to 3" of rainfall

now if you use the 1 inch of rain is about 10 inches of snow… 30 inches… of snow … well some type of snow…

anyway… I am betting in des Moines, we get 0.01 inches of rain by the time it is over. The grass is about 6 inches deep in places out there… about ready to bring on the goats…

I’m wth Carterlake - can’t wait for the snow. Definitely a Winter person here and not a fan of the Summer Heat and humidity ! Wife and I took the granddaughter to Disney World the last week of August and I almost died. I came home to highs in the 60’s the next week and I LOVED it. Oh well just my 2 cents worth. Time to get the mods done on the ultrasonic snow depth sensor. Hope to get it moved to a different site and improve the readings.