Com port issue

:?: I have a Lava computer D-Serial pci card. I am running Windows XP
(home). I have a x-10 device that is connected to com port1 with an
IRQ of 4, the modem is connected to com port 4 with an IRQ of 9.
The com ports 5 and 6 are associated with the pci card. Plug and play
assigns an IRQ of 9. The software for the x-10 device does not
recognoze com ports above 4 so I can not reassign it to a higher
com port. I have been evaluating your software, because the software
that came with the Lacross ws2010-13 pc link does not recognize com
ports above 4 either. The quick set up instructions indicate that you
could choose a port higher than 4, but the IRQ had to be different than
the modem. I have a dsl connection, but still require the modem for
faxing capabilities. I have contacted Lava Computer support people
and they say the only way to be able to change the IRQ with windows XP
is to reload the OS with different options selected, that is not an option.

Would anyone have a suggestion to my problem.

Thank You

Take a look at this thread.