Clouds & fronts

I sometimes see banks of cloud which have a very clearly defined edge stretching for many miles, 20-30 miles perhaps, and the sky ‘in front’ of the cloud is clear blue with no clouds. I’ve wondered if this means something, perhaps the edge of the cloud is at the edge of a front?

I’ve also wondered if I should get a book about the weather and read up about such things :oops: With such a wealth of experience in this forum I’m not sure I need a book though :wink:

Chris, i think you will find a book very useful, here our predominent weather is from the S/W, when the barometer is rising you will usually have a S’w’ly wind, which is quite cool, as the high goes over the top the wind will varyaround the S

I’ve seen recommendations for the USA Today weather book, but I suspect most of the info is already on their excellent weather website

Someone kindly bought me a book called “Weather” published by Collins ISBN: 0-00-716072-0 priced at

Federal Meteorological Handbook No. 1
S’COOL Cloud Types Audio/Visual Tutorial

Oh, and yes, generally speaking when you see a clearly defined edge of clouds, it is also a clearly defined edge of a front (usually cold).