Clientviewer Question

I noticed that there is an icon on the clientviewer that says “Updated” that flashes from red to green when I am connected. Will this icon change to solid red or something to give me an indication when the client is unable to communicate with the clientraw.txt file on the server?

Also, I noticed that even though the temp readout says 74 degrees F. the scale below it shows a blue line with a range between 40 and 60. It seems that it is not in sync with the temp reading above it.


it would seem the graph is still in oC
try restarting the program
the light flash when the time in the clientraw.txt file has changed ( i think)

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the info. Regarding the temp display I have noticed that when the temp gets above about 68 or 70 degrees F that the graph changes from F to C even though the numeric readout is still correct in F.

please try vers 5.5