Clientraw.txt No Longer Uploads?

clientraw.txt: HERE

As I have little experience in using WD (it’s the property of another site admin who gives me access to his clientraw.txt data), what would the primary reasons be for clientraw.txt uploading once and never again? The last time it uploaded was in January 2008 when I asked the admin to start uploading this file for me to his server, I have only now had the time to make use of it hence having noticed this error so late.

There are several:

The PC isn’t on.
WD isn’t running.
The Client Raw Realtime uploader is switched off.
The main Internet switch in WD is OFF.
The clientraw file is being uploaded, it just isn’t being updated.

You really need to speak the site admin and see how it’s setup and make sure the settings are correct. :wink:

The PC (Server) & WD is definitely turned on as all other weather stats (on the other admin’s site) are active and update every 5 minutes.

What do you mean by the last point in terms of being uploaded but not updated? How would this work?

Clientraw.txt is not needed for a static page that updates every 5 minutes, WD uses the real time ftp to upload that file. I that running ?

I’m not sure as I didn’t set that system up… What could the reason be for it being uploaded once and never again though? FTP not setup to upload every couple ‘x’ minutes?

It’s possible for the PC to be uploading the file to the site but if the PC hasn’t updated that file before the uplaod then the data in the file won’t change.

Ask him to go through this FAQ and make sure that it’s set up correctly: :wink:

So with all those options, the PC should be UPDATING the files as well as UPLOADING it? There wouldn’t be any other settings…

Providing all the usernames, passwords & remote directory settings are correct in the main internet setup then the FAQ I posted above should have the clientraw file working correctly and uploading to the site.

He should be able to see what it’s doing but double clicking on the yellow square icon in the systme try to view it’s activity and make sure it’s uploading. :wink:

Thanks! I’ll let him know just in case he has a problem :).

His firewall updated it’s self and now blocking the upload possibly.