Clientraw issue

Hi all,
I am having an issue where clientraw is having issues uploading then it will but its inconsistant or my end is setup wrong. Anyone have any ideas?

Here is my clientraw data

eal time Clientraw FTP, vers 10.2
Time/date:12:54:14 24/03/2024
Server details taken out by me

220 DC1 FTPS
331 Please specify the password.
230 Login successful.
Changing to remote directory /www/upload
CWD /www/upload
250 Directory successfully changed.
FTP Uploading c:\wdisplay\webfiles\clientraw.txttemp - >clientraw.txttemp
[10053] Software caused connection abort
Disconnected: [10053] Software caused connection abort
FTP error occured
FTP Uploading c:\wdisplay\webfiles\clientraw.txttemp - >clientraw.txttemp
143: Busy performing current action.
FTP Uploading c:\wdisplay\webfiles\clientrawextra.txttemp - >clientrawextra.txttemp
143: Busy performing current action.
FTP Uploading c:\wdisplay\webfiles\clientrawhour.txttemp - >clientrawhour.txttemp
143: Busy performing current action.
FTP Uploading c:\wdisplay\webfiles\clientrawdaily.txttemp - >clientrawdaily.txttemp
143: Busy performing current action.
FTP Uploading c:\wdisplay\webfiles\customclientraw.txttemp - >customclientraw.txttemp
143: Busy performing current action.
301: Timeout.

Are you able to view the FTP logs on your server? They might have some extra information which would help you to debug this.

I will take a look, I have had issues for some time with this and without and rational it then begins working without fault for some time

It might happen if you have internet connection problems. That can leave FTP sessions open on the server when WD thinks they’re dead. WD then opens a new session and if that happens enough the host server might stop allowing you to create a new session.