Client/Server setup

I have just installed WeatherDisplay and cannot get the Client
to make contact with the server over our school LAN.
I am the network tech in a school and am quite used to using Client/Server ip applications but having tried for hours using all sorts of combinations in the FTP/internet setup window ,it refuses to work.
Let me tell you the settings I think should work and someone tell me where I am going wrong.
On the SERVER in the box labelled host name or IP Address I have which is the IP address of the SERVER. This address is also shown in the box labelled IP address of this computer.
PORT is set to 333(I Have tried several others)
The server enabled switch is on (Green)
The main switch on the right is ON(Green) and I have clicked the ok tick.

On the Client I have selected STATIONLESS.
In the Host name or ip address box I have the address as above which is the address od the server.
The box labelled ip address of this computer reads which I can confirm is the address of the client.
I have swithed on the CLIENT Enabled to green.
The main switch is green.
The log box on the server reads READY TO SEND
The log box in the client reads READY TO RECEIVE

The instructions then say to enter the client address in the SERVER window.
But where???
It does not make sense to put it in the HOST NAME OR IP ADDRESS window and if I put it in the IP ADDRESS OF THIS COMPUTER window, it disappears after clicking ok and opening the window again.
If you sense a slight frustration in the tone of this note, I apologise but it is only that I am sure I am missing something obvious and have spent too long trying to get it going.
Can anyone help?

try setting both to the default multicast ip address of
and then restart both the client and server
the more fixed ip address you are using is more usefull for accesing the data over the internet (i.e from a server with a fixed IP address)

also stationless mode is not needed, as the client mode has its own mode, but that should matter either way though…

Thanks for the reply.
Its Sunday so I cannot try your suggestion until I go back to school tomorrow.
However, in the long term I have to leave the IP addrsses as set in my original note because I plan to have the data available across the school network and the 192.168.156 series of IP addresses is used by our LAN.
Although they are handed out by a DHCP server, they are generally fixed.
At the moment I am not concerened about internet access or Web site updates. They are for another day.
Can you answer the question about entering the address of the client in the server window?
Which box do I put it in and should I see it when I restart the application?


That’s actually a multi-cast address, so it should be independent of the network.
I’m moving my server today, so I’ll let you know how it works. I guess I am curious though, why not use regular IP to run the client? Though not a factor on my home network, on my work network with several switches and routers, I might be leary about ‘storms’ (not the weather type) being created. Since I spent about a day tracking one down two weeks ago, I’m real sensitive to anything like that.


i think you will find if you set it to the multicast ip address on both it will work
for starters
and have the port as the default 333 on both too…

this will not afffect anything else on the LAN

Hi Brian/Mike

Well its not good news.

Tried the address. Still no contact.
Not sure I understand how puting in the host box of WeatherDisplay works for the local LAN network, when the IP address of the server and the client are set in the network properties of NT4 Workstation.
If the 231… address was to be recognised on the Lan, I should be able to PING the server from any worstation but I cannot and would not expect to as the address of the Server is actually

I have also installed the Weather Display client on a completely different workstation with the same results.

I will continue plugging away at different setups,…I might get lucky.

Brian…is your test set up like mine . ie LOCAL LAN IP addressing?

Mike …I will be interested to hear the result of your network move and from anyone else who has a LOCAL LAN running.


humm, it should work…and it should not matter if the server or fixed or not.,…
that number is reserved for mulitcast…

do you have this number on both client/server, and the same port number on both?

i am no expert thought, and hopefully someone else will shed some light
another thing to check is firewwalls…

try running the client on the same pc as the server…
and get that going for starters :slight_smile: