Client Raw Realtime FTP Became Less Stable After 10.37Sb119

Previously I was running 10.37Sb119, full install downloaded 14/9/2020, on a Windows 7 machine where the realtime client raw FTP uploads would run no problems for months.

I have tried two recent 10.37Sb120 versions, full installs downloaded 10/11/2020 & another 20/11/2020, and found that the realtime client raw FTP uploads would stop working after hours or max 2-days. In all cases I had to terminate the process and restart it.

Has anything changed in this area?

do you happen to use SFTP?
if so try ticking Kill process and restart if failed uploads
in the real time ftp setup in WD

Yes using SFTP.
I have now enabled the ‘kill process and restart if failed uploads’ option and will monitor over the next week.

Any advice regarding the ‘Restart/Reset Interval’ if this could help?
I have 30mins selected with ‘Restart instead of re-login’ selected.

the setting I have suggested will work
the key is the problem introduced is only affecting SFTP
and so I need to look at changes I made there (which was to try and support different SFTP servers…there is one change I made that might be the problem)

Yes this setting has worked over this period of a week.

I am going to update the component I use to the latest version so as to get better support for SFTP
but it costs over $1000

i have updated the component used
and that seems to have fixed it…will know more by the end of the day if it has

I can confirm that this is fixed
so that was worth the $1000 I had to spend
use the latest full install update of WD

I really appreciate your time and investment into Weather Display - I will come back to you shortly about this :smiley:

I have now been running this over the last week and has been working normally which is great.

One thing I did notice when I was working on my firewall where my LAN remained working and I purposely disconnected my WAN, i.e. no internet connection, meaning Weather Display was disconnected from all FTP uploads. This internet outage resulted in lots of clientrawrealtimeftp icons left in the taskbar which then disappeared when I hovered the mouse, note that I still have the ‘Kill process and restart if failed uploads’ set for robustness. If there was a long period of internet outage the number of taskbar icons presumably could get large. Is it possible that Weather Display can cleanup its ftp icons from the taskbar following a failed upload?

thats just a windows messaging thing
and its not actually consuming memory or resources etc