Client does not display data seen on server

I use a client/server network. The server displays correct weather condition icons and sky conditon text reported by the downloaded metar data. (e.g. overcast). The client does not display the correct weather condition icon icon or the sky condition text. Is there a way to confirm what data is sent by the server to the client to determine if the server is failing to send correct data or if the client is failing to display correct data? Is there a place I can store a jpg screen capture of the server window and the client window that shows this situation?

the problem is the client does not have the downloaded metar to update the icon, unless you download the metar as well on the client
but i will add option to sync the clients icons to the servers icons

i have added option to sync the icons in the client/server setup now…
in a new vers 9.77, ready now (you will need to updpate both the client and server versions)

Thanks for your responsiveness!

I downloaded 9.77. I set “Sync the main screen icons” in both server and client. The client icon now displays as a blank. :frowning:

I checked both client and server and I only have default icons (actually, I can’t tell where the icons images are stored… they must be part of the application).

Is there a way for me to confirm what information is being provided from the server to the client?

Bob, Ottawa

i am testing/fixing now

fixed it, and the 100% humidity problem

uploading vers 9.77a now
(and this also fixes the batter level from the server for a wmr918/688 ( I was out by 1 in the data position)

The client icon now updates but…
The server main window displays for “Mostly cloudy” a full sun image with 3 cloud strips at the bottom of the icon and two cloud strips at the 9 o’clock position. If you click on the main window icon the summary dialogue appears but the icon shows mostly clouds with the sun just peaking through.

…and now the real puzzle. The client also shows these two different icons except they are reversed. The client main window shows a sliver of the sun with mostly clouds and the popup window shows full sun with a few clouds at the bottom and 9 o’clock position.

If this written description is inadequate I can send some screen captures.

Bob, Ottawa

Second followup…
The metar download humidity value updates for values of 100% but not for any other value. It would appear the 9.77a solution has toggled the update scenario - 100% works now everything eles fails.

hum, i can fix the 100% humidity problem,
and i need to tie the summary image icon to the main screen icon (its not at this stage for this option)
doing that now (I have been doing a big sort up of the cows all morning!)

a new 9.77a version is ready
should be better

Boh fixes appear to be working. Thank you very much Brian!