Changing from http to https

no new serial number needed
just change any references to http to https in the .html and .xml files

This confirms it works for me:

hello here is my host goes to https and I can not make machine back suddenly so I need to change the reference to operate weather display live suddenly I will need some information
if i understand correctly on my server i need to change the reference of the wdlive.html and wdlconfig.wml file?
for wdllive do I have to change the direction at line 21?
var pathToWdlconfig = ""en https?
and for wdlconfig I have to modify the path to line 8? </ website>
is there another place where i have to change something on my server in https to make wdl work? thank you in advance good day

yes, just change any reference to http:// to https://
in the .html and .xml files on your web site

ok thanks you

after changing it’s working good thank you !!!

I do suggest to move away fro WDL and instead use FreshWDL , which does not rely on Flash, which will stop working at the end of the year

@Weather Display: Yes, WDL did stop working as expected, I’ve replaced it with the FreshWDL by Yerren.

I like it but it’s missing some features that I (and others) would like to see implemented.

However, I think Yerren has some time availability problems and/or is lacking some financial support.

I’m available for both to the best of my abilities.

Just a note: As WDL is “dead” with Flash not functioning anymore the http vs https is moot and the pinned post does not seem useful in the FreshWDL section imho.

The post was written for WDL but the changes required for FreshWDL are very similar.