Center Heading

I have been adding things to my website. I have a small problem. I am trying to center headings over images. The code I used works on IE and Opera but does not work in Firefox. I was just wondering if I am missing something here. Here is the link to the page. Thanks!


Code such as

National Radar

is incorrect. It should be

National Radar

Thanks Hobbytalk missed that completely. Should have noticed that. Still new at this stuff and still learning.


Hi Chuck,
Have you uploaded the style sheets to your website?

weather-screen.css and weather-print.css seem to be not found

What is the reason for doing this? I don’t understand what you are talking about the style sheets. I am new to web design and css. My home page was created through bravenet. Do I need these on every page or what do you mean? How do you upload these to your website? Thanks!


Well, the source for your web-page has the following lines within the head section:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="weather-screen.css" media="screen" title="screen" />
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="weather-print.css" media="print" />

Which is telling the browser to look for two .css files. Preumably these contain information that determine how the website should look and be displayed. Without them on the server (in the relevant place), web-browsern won’t be able to use the information within them and will therefore display the page without the styling you expect.

Looking at your html code I would expect each of the div’s to have their own style declarations within the .css file that not only controls the look of the contents of each div but also the positioning. For example I would image that the div called “side-bar” will have a style declaration that informs the browser to postition it on the left hand side, whilst the div called “main-copy” will position the main content of your page to the right of this…

At the moment that isn’t happening…

To fix it, you should have a file called weather-screen.css within the same directory as your wx3.html file. Upload this via ftp to your web-server and things should start looking OK…

To center your headings you could then change the h3 style declaration within the style sheet so that all h3 headings are centrally aligned, rather than going through every page and aligning each one individually. You would just need to add

text-align: center;

to the h3 decalaration within the weather-screen.css.


h3 {text-align: center;}



I just figured that out just a few moments ago. Basically it makes your pages look basically the same. I know you can change that in your style sheets. I know uniform is good when it comes to a webpage. Like I have said before I am new at this and I am not an expert by no means. My wife is helping me out a bit but for the most part I am learning on my own. I know it is a lot of work doing it they way I am doing it. If I ever want to change to the style sheets I can do that. Thanks for the great info.