Have you been fiddling again?


Don’t remember it as obtrusive as this. . .

Fiddling? Me? Never!

OK, I’ll admit that sometimes I do, but in this case I don’t believe it was me. I think a recent update has changed the way that categories and tags are displayed for unread messages. I’ll see if I can find the change details to confirm exactly how it’s charged.

Sorry. . . :wink:


There’s an extensive list of changes in the recent update but I don’t see anything that seems to account for this, but that may be due to differences in terminology definitions meaning I’m not seeing it when it’s staring me in the face.

I haven’t made any config changes recently though so I’m pretty sure it’s not something I’ve done.

It wasn’t just unread mesages, but they all seem to be back to ‘normal’ today. . . The Test Forum examples have been deleted so I added one of my own just to check.

So is this a browser artefact? (I only use Edge for the forum, though :confused: )

I guess it might have been something that got reverted. I ran another update after you first posted and when it went back to normal for you. Perhaps someone applied a fix only to find it didn’t work as intended so undid it?

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