CAP 1.2 alerts Effective April 30, 2017

I just got an email about this

*** Changes to Access, Planned Termination of CAP v1.1, and Operational Implementation of CAP v1.2 Effective April 30, 2017 ***
See the NWS Service Change Notice for details. Here are a couple highlights.

Again, there are lots of details in the Service Change Notice, so please review it in its entirety. Your questions should be directed to the appropriate points of contact listed at the bottom of the notice.
Mike Gerber

Hey Ken True,

Do you have to upgrade your scripts?

Thanks for your support by the way

Hi Mike,

I’ve not checked to see what differences the V1.2 does from V1.1 quite yet… more pressing is the change coming up 4-Apr-2017 so advforecast2.php has to be completely replaced with a new JSON-based script (which is, knock wood, ready and waiting). I know Curly (for nws-alerts.php) and I will work a bit later on the revs (if any) to atom-advisory/atom-top-warning/nws-alerts required. We seem to have until 1-Sep-2017 to get them updated :slight_smile:

OK thanks.


Anybody have any update on this? The change notice said it would be implemented on April 30, the documentation page says May 2. When I select a zone or county, all I get is the preview page.