Cant find Custom Tag

Last year about this time I asked you for a custom tag for Indoor Dew Point. You gave me a tag ad I use it very successfully all summer. But since then, the computer I had been using for a server crashed and I lost my customTet.txt file which had the tag in it. Now that it’s hot and humid again, I need that tag again to let me know when to open and close windows.

I looked all through the OwnTemplate file with no success. I wonder if it never made it to the file due to lack of general interest? I also searched this site for dew point references - no luck again. In any case can you provide the name of the tag again please. This time I will record it where it wont get lost.



i have added to the owntemplatest.txt file now :slight_smile:

Thank you sir, I will put it to immediate use.