I am having difficulties editing rain totals after power outages. In Rain Totals1 note the values for ‘Yesterday’ and Thursday are different. Corrected daily total in “Rain To Date” window but main screen did not update. Also I need to correct “Rain To Date” for 8/18 but it is not shown but shows data for 8/11. Also note the erroneous value for “Average rain to date this time”

Also could not update totals in “Offsets, Limits and Rainfall Totals” window shown in Rain Totals2. “New rain total (mm)” asks for Millimeters. How can I change this to input Inches?

make sure to click on set, after entering the value (inches)
then click on OK top right hand corner, to save the changes

Did that. Doesn’t update!!

I suspect you are not doing it correctly
just saying it doesnt work really does not help me help you
It would be much better if you could provide exact details on exactly the steps you are doing

is WD getting live data from your weather station ok? as the rain will only show the new updates at the next live data update

ps, sending me emails where its all caps just means you are shouting at me, which will not make you get any better support

In the “Offsets, Limits and Rainfall Totals” window the shaded box says to “Load the log file to correct the daily rain totals”, How do I do that? I see no links.

not sure what you mean by no links exactly?

I will do a youtube help video showing how to set the daily, monthly, and yearly rain totals , for you, in that screen

That will be wonderful!!!

actually I already have one

see from

That shows how to do year to date. I want to input/edit daily rainfall amounts.

it also shows how to set the today rain total etc
but do you mean you want to edit past rain totals for each day of the month?
(its not been all that clear exactly what you are trying to do)
if so , then the next video in the list at
shows how to do that

VOILA :smiley: :smiley: That answered my question. Thank you!!!