Can the WMR200 use sensors from TE923? E.g. UV sensor?

After having owned a Honeywell 923 for a couple of years I have now acquired a WMR200, but without the UV sensor. Is there any way of using the sensors from the 923?
The primary reason for changing is that the 923 wind vane used a new set of batteries each month. Tried every sort or make - alkaline, lithium - made no difference. Was kind of prohibitive for mounting the thing at the proper height.

Every manufacturer uses its own proprietary standard AFAIK. So you won’t be able to use the UV sensor with your new setup unfortunately.

Interestingly, my UV sensor has just died. It started giving readings of 19.7 regardless of what was happening outside. Changed batteries and still the same. Have just ordered a brand-new unit from a local supplier for NZ$52 which is a good price compared with what I would have to pay via Amazon in the US.

I think your 923 wind vane was faulty. I have had the same set of batteries in mine from last August until now and it’s still working fine.