Can my local language be pre-selected in Meteoalarm popup

Is it possible to have Italian as the main language and not English when opening the meteoalarm Warnings?

Thank you

That is not a small change for a dashboard which your visitors seem not to use.
At least I could not find it when starting at

This is not a support question as the scripts work this way from the first release.
The weather-organisation decides which language should be the first one when uploading their data to MeteoAlarm – Alerting Europe for Extreme Weather

Maybe an Italian user can take a look at the data and adept my script to help you out.

As it is not an error in the current release and I have to ask someone do that, a quote / estimate could be a few hundred euro. Seems a lot of money I do not want to spend. Too expensive for avoiding the clicking on the language tab.


Solved here: 2012_lts updates-enhancements after October 31