Camera Recommendations?

I’m wanting to put a camera on our website to accompany our weather station. I’m looking a camera to mount on the pole and I need to go about 300 feet with cable. We have a hard time getting wireless signals into our building. I was looking a the Anaconda on the X10 website but I don’t know what kind of clarity I would be getting and I’d still have to convert from RCA to probably USB using a Dazzle box I assume. Does anyone have any recommendations on a fairly cheap camera that has a good quality?

I don’t know the Anaconda from X10, but having bought one of their cameras in the past it was pretty poor quality. The lens was poor, giving a distorted image, the colour quality was very poor and it suffered terribly in bright conditions (like looking at the sky for weather conditions!)

May i ask, is it going to be a weathercam ?


I’d like to point it out over our campus so that you would probably see students moving (from 200 feet away) from class to class. I don’t want to be able to see students faces just them walking along. But yes, I want it to really show the weather conditions so it will be showing quite a bit of sky.

I’ve got mine 6 metres above ground level.
Higher the better. have a look.

There are decent webcams in the $100 price range, but none of them are able to be used outside without some type of enclosure to protect them from the elements. Is a/c power available near the mount site for powering the camera? Webcams require a power source. Might be possible to use a solar panel and battery to provide 12VDC, but if the camera is wireless then power really becomes an issue.

What kind of setup do you have?

I see those pics are 640 by 480, note that the X10 anaconda is only 320

The fairly cheap part is the hard part. I run my Logitech 320x240 mode.

I plan to purchase a Stardot webcam.
They look top-of-the-line to me. However, they do not fit your requirement for cheap.

that cam will not work with WD direct dan…
you would need to grab the image from a HTTP url

Understood. I just wanted to point out the top of the line versus cheap webcams. True, the Stardot has a built-in server to handle image dissemination. And integration with WD was not a stated requirement :slight_smile:

We are willing to spend a little bit of money. My goal here is to stay away from the ones that I’ve seen for $1000. If I could get it all set up including connections and wires for $400 I’d be happy.

Ok, here’s one example to consider:

[li]WinCam.Live Internet Camera System (110V) CAM-LIV01 $199[/li]

[li]Light Duty Outdoor Enclosure* ENC-OUTD2 $129[/li]

[li]100 ft. Cable CAB-100 100 ft. Interchangeable Camera Cable $35 x 3 = $105[/li]

[li]Outdoor Wide Angle Lens LEN-WIDE3F16 3.6 mm, f16, fov: 74

I use a Stardot Netcam for my webcam. It is, as Windy and others state, not directly interfaced with Weather Display. However, it is a very good webcam and is not all that expensive for what you get. New cost is $599 but if you put an advertising banner on your web page, Stardot reduces the price by $100. Details are on their web page: VHS_Weather, call them up and tell them what you are doing. They might be willing to help you out. You can get all sorts of outdoor camera enclosures from eBay, I suggest looking for a Pelco brand security camera enclosure. They are very weatherproof. I got mine for about $30 on eBay.

My Stardot Netcam is mounted on top of a 60’ tower, enclosed in a Pelco camera enclosure, and ftp’s images every 5 minutes to my web page. You can see a pic of what my camera in it’s housing looks like at The white shroud over the camera enclosure is a sun shield.


OK, OK, I’ll bite :lol: Do you have aerial milk delivery?

You’re the first to bite! It’s just a cheap way to ensure that my 1-wire connections don’t get wet. Bottom is cut out of the jug and all the connections stuffed up into the jug.