Buying Second Hand

I am a complete newcomer to this area. I want to buy a complete weather station with wireless links and data flow to the PC. What are people’s views on buying secondhand - where would be the best place to go - Ebay?, this site or where?

I was looking at the Oregon or the Davis range.

A secondary question - I presume that an anemometer has to be attached to the roof - who would you suggest getting to do this - climbing roofs is dangerous in my view!


there are some actualy new stuff on ebay or similar
and some stuff that is where people have wanted to upgrade to a better station

its its really old and tired, you might be buying alot of trouble outside warrenty

well, objectes/obstacles/trees really slow down the windspeed readings

If you have any local TV antenna installers, they’re usually happy to install an anemometer onto a pole (including fitting the pole if required) on your roof for a reasonable fee.

I just use a disposable Brother-in-Law… #-o

Looks like I might have a full used weather station available for sale soon. Had planned on donating it to a local school (tax credit) but they all seem to have one already.

I have two older Vantage Pro’s so I know very well the price of Davis replacement parts :wink: Just my personal opinion but if I was not going to spend the money to buy a new Vantage Pro, then I would buy a new Oregon Scientific rather than a used Davis.

off topic,the new OS WMR100 updates nice and fast…every 5 seconds for speed/dir…faster than the 15 seconds for the wmr968
but it runs on AA batteries that are housed under the temp/hum sensor in a slip on sleeve…bound to get corrision if you get salt air

i have one here…

I don’t think the Oregon Scientific has Solar/UV sensors and 7x24 FARS abilities included in their stations.

I am still weighing up second versus new and everyones comments has got me thinking:

  • which Oregon Model did you have in mind
  • is there any point in mixing and matching - that is buying the elatest electronics new but buying second hand the other bits - anemometer, rain guage, solar etc


You are correct, the Oregon WMR968 does not have all the capabilities of the Davis. However that’s not a fair comparision, the WMR968 is a $200 station but the Davis with UV/Solar/24 hr FARS/weatherlink lists for about a thousand dollars more.

No question, for the best home weather station buy a Davis, if that’s not an option the WMR968 is a good starter station. You can add a DIY radiation shield for a few $, there are how-to guides on here.

to see what people are using when sending data to CWOP:
213 Weather Display / Davis Vantage Pro
178 Weather Display ****( these people need to update to a more recent version of WD, hint hint)
80 Weather Display / LaCrosse 2310/2315
75 Weather Display / WMR968
39 Weather Display / Ultimeter
27 Weather Display / Davis WM II full
26 Weather Display / WS2010
20 Weather Display / WM918
19 Weather Display / 1-wire
16 Weather Display / LaCrosse 3600
11 Weather Display / LaCrosse 2500
2 Weather Display / Cambel Scientific
2 Weather Display / Rainwise
1 Weather Display / Capricorn
1 Weather Display / Davis Grow Station
1 Weather Display / WMR918

i.e davis VP by far the most popular

And if you want a weather station that you can place the console in the living room and be able to read it from across the room, you buy a station. :slight_smile: