Build 121 not showing as updated in Saratoga template

I want to start by claiming neither expertise nor asserting that there is a bug in WD build 121 (PC).

My problem: I just updated by Weather Display from build version 120 to build version 121 (PC). The corresponding Saratoga footer is no longer recognizing the update (still shows build 120 after refreshing).

I remain unsure where the problem lies (in WD or Saratoga Template) but another user of the Saratoga template also reports a failure to display the new build information.

If anyone has any suggestions, I am “all ears.”


you need to wait until testtags.php was updated and uploaded to your web site by the new WD version I would presume

Thanks for the information. I never had to do that before (updated it many, many times), but I will exercise some patience!
Thanks so much for the help – appreciated.

testtags.php uses the following variables to construct the $wdversion shown in the footer

$wdversion = '%wdversion%' . '-(b' . '%wdbuild%' . ')';	// Weather Display version number you are running
$wdversiononly = '%wdversion%';
$wdbuild   = '%wdbuild%';       // Weather Display build number you are running

so it would seem that %wdbuild% may be incorrect in build 121 if it’s displaying 120 instead.

Mr. True,

Thanks, as always, for the help. I hope that Mr. Hamilton looks into this (he is as great as you are in checking these things out!)

With appreciation to everyone!

WD is correct, there is nothing wrong as far as WD is concerned
as long as you actually have build 121 in use
I have not done anything wrong, despite accusations
the %wdbuild% links to the build number
which is shown along the top of WD
or in WD under help, about
what does that show?
also check that variable concerned is %wdbuild% in your testtags.txt and not a number (120)

I’m using build 121 and that is the build showing in my Saratoga website footer.

thanks for the confirmation
I have even just tested here, and build 121 correctly updates testags.php from testags.txt

Mr. Hamilton,

My sincere apologies if you received the impression that I thought you did something wrong.

You have never been anything other than a giant help.

I downloaded the 58 files from build 121 – put (replaced) them in the current build and I am still seeing (in both places you mentioned - top bar and help) the 120.

Although I have always done this with past versions – and never had a problem – I am obviously doing something incorrectly and was only asking for help.

If anyone has any ideas as to what I am doing wrong, please set me straight.

Again, I apologize if you thought I was indicating that you did something wrong. I have NEVER had a problem with your software (ever) and have highly recommended it my school for their new weather station.

then that is the problem
you do not actually have build 121 in use
it sounds like you might have only used the .zip update
i have not actually updated the .zip update to build 121
only the full install is
I will do that now

the zip update has been updated now (i.e so the date shown on the download is now current and not from the 5th Dec)
sorry for the confusion
also note that the older build 120 (full install) is available on the download page (scroll down to see that)

I installed Ver. WD10.37S121 and runs very well.

Thanks Brian,
:smiley: =D>

build 121 is built with an updated compiler which should have some improvements
(I did post a separate thread about that)

Mr. Hamilton,

First, thank you – it works perfectly.

Most importantly, I am so glad that you did not take umbrage at my question – I knew that I was doing something incorrectly.

Lastly, if you recommend – for the future – only using the .exe file, I will do that. Do I execute it within the WD directory or, once the .exe update is run, you have to point to one’s current installation? Everything is working perfectly again and I would prefer not to mess anything up!

Again, thanks everyone for the suggestions and help – much appreciated.

you can run the .exe from any location , and the default install location is best to use anyway (i.e c:\wdisplay)
using the .zip update is OK too, but not all files are updated via that method, so every now and then do the .exe udpate

in any case, I have re updated the build 121 .zip update , as I was working on the graph sunrise/set not always showing (this is due to an update in the graphing component, needed due to an update in the compiler, but left in some debug code which made the graph sunrise always 11pm! #-o

Mr. Hamilton,

Thanks for the information – will do!

:smiley: :smiley: