I am working now with Google chrome. At school all of our things are with google docs . Had some issues recently the IE9, it was hanging and I decided to try something else.

I have safari,opera,firefox as well and I think Chrome will take some getting used to .

I’m not sure there is a perfect browser. I’ve had problems with Chrome too. I think half the trouble is that they want to release a new version every couple of months. Such short development timescales must mean reduced testing which leads to issues in the released version.

I use SRWare Iron, a port of Chrome, but with some security improvments like running “incognito” (totally anonyme) and FF6 beta and as least IE9, but only for some testing with the website.
No-one of them are perfect, FF6 are mostly used, even it fails miserably on popup-windows and again, Iron/Chrome miss some other features…

sometimes I have problems with FF when viewing a surfing movie…you have to keep on moving the mouse over the video for it to update…
anyone else seen that, and maybe there is a update?
(vers 5.0)

I just keep getting frustrated with this Vista machine. I use Genie backup for local and carbonite for ever thing else. However, the issue I am having is that IE 9 hangs so I do have all my browsers with everything on them, It is frustrating. I use my machine primarily for school stuff once the year gets underway . None of them are perfect, some less evil.

I have found W7 to be much better than Vista

I use Safari (on a Mac) and does what I want it to, the web developer tools are awesome and you don’t need to add a plugin to change CSS settings on the fly or JS :slight_smile:

Javascript rendering is very fast on Safari.

Absolutely…visually, they are almost identical. Functionally, though, W7 beats hell outta Vista.

Yep, I’ve seen this as well and it’s not just with movies, it’s also with Flash or anything animated.
I can’t remember if the cure is just restarting FF5 or rebooting the PC.

Yep, I've seen this as well and it's not just with movies, it's also with Flash or anything animated. I can't remember if the cure is just restarting FF5 or rebooting the PC.
One of the issues with FF (and others too) are the enormous RAM-usage they have. That together with that FF do not free any RAM even if one close windows/tabs. It was no problem at all to get RAM run out with FF4 once i tryed and that with 2G of RAM, tested once with current setup with 4G of RAM and was no problem to get above 3G used....

yes, I have noticed FF does use alot of memory

I read a while back that the firefox development group created a group to work on memory issues. It is one of the major drawbacks of the browser especially when used on a system with limited resources.

One article talking about it:

Project Page:

I use Firefox since version 2 but one thing I always hated about this browser is the sooo slow startup (cold startup) when you first open it after a reboot etc. I don’t use many addons but still the starting it’s very slow even with a Quad Core cpu and 4 gb ram. Otherwise it’s fine and I don’t have any problem.

From the other hand Chrome seems to be faster, and more cpu/memory friendly but I feel that lacks some features and customization options.

As for IE, well, it’s good for one thing:

Yeah, I never liked that browser :stuck_out_tongue:


I like that LOL Excellent :slight_smile:


Aardvark have do you use anything like CCleaner? It’s a full name is Crap Cleaner, I think you can deduce what it does from there.
I love it. Solves IE problems for me at times.
Its free.

Looks like the new FF beta is addressing some of the memory issues now. FF 7beta