Browser Cache Issues (was Deal breaker!)

Everytime clientraw updates my information on the internet there is a cookie deposited in my Temporary Internet Files folder. Last night I deleted 512Mb of cookies and for the two hours my PC has been on today I have collected another 14Mb. EVERY file that is in the local web folder uploads and leaves a cookie and clientraw leaves one everytime it access the internet.

ftpupd has c***ed out twice in those two hours also.

The cookie thing is unacceptable. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and/or what the problem is?

The cookie would be from your web site or from your web host provider, not from WD… You would need to check why your site or host is tracking via cookies for all accesses…


Glad you got it corrected :slight_smile:


Bob, is it common to have a cookie passed back for an FTP connection?

Not that I am aware of no…



This seems kind of common sense but… don’t you think the hundreds of other WD users would notice something like this?

On side note… most cookies are not “evil”… they were created to help folks. For instance, the cookie from this forum helps you keep track of posts, read posts, your login, etc.


Actually doing some searching it appears some server authentication software does pass a cookie even for FTP access, one I found is “Webkey Web Servers”…


It isn’t so much the cookies as it is clientraw posting 42 iterations in 3 minutes which is about 14 per minute of presence on the site. They don’t look normal to me they say something like clientrraw.txt?nocache= (followed by a 9 digit number) then under Internet Address column it gives the full name of the site followed by /clientraw.txt?nocache= and the same 9 digit number and they are all text files.

This is very strange.

[s]Are you using the AJAX template? Or PHP?

How’s about a link to the page in question?[/s]

Found it…

The files you are seeing is your WDL functioning normally.


You mean due to accessing/displaying WDL on that PC?

Every time a file is accessed on the Internet, a cached version is downloaded to your computer. In order for interactive data to display, it must download a file… your clientraw.txt file. If it happens every x seconds… that’s a file every x seconds. There’s nothing wrong with this operation… it is perfectly normal.

This is also the same way Ajax works whenever you view an Ajax weather page.

Right, so it’s not related to FTP/upload.

Oh… no. Completely unrelated.

Because I can see no reason to put 14 cookies per minute on anyone’s PC. In my 40 years of IT experience I learned the hard way that cookies are by and large spyware. For instance,you cannot go to any site on the internet and not pick up a “doubleclick” data miner cookie. And also your site URL is hanging out there for any and all to see and/or access. Although the site cannot be changed by anyone but me (hopefully) I just think it’s a bug and needs to be fixed. JMHBOCO. :slight_smile:

These are not cookie files. They do not go into the cookies folder. If yours are ending up there, your computer is doing something abnormal.

They aren’t cookies, it’s the cached copy of the data WDL downloads to display.

I could only hypothesis that IE’s “delete cookies” function is poorly coded and deletes all .txt files. Just because a file is .txt does not make it a cookie.

I said the “cookies” folder. I forgot there are actually two folders for cookies. Anyway, “cookies” are clearly labeled as such in the TIF folder.

In my XP Pro, Cookies is a separate folder

C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Cookies

to TIF

C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files