Broadcast Summary Icon setting up

Please could someone advise me how to set-up the icon display correctly which is in the “view/broadcast summary” section.

In the main screen display of WD, the picture shown is the current weather as it stands, for example it is indicating “Windy” which is correct, but surely, should this same icon be displayed in the “Broadcast Summary” section too. All I get all the time is “Dry” and never changes, even when its raining, apart from when we get into the evening, and then it shows “Night” with the clear skies and stars, even though it is still chucking down with rain and blowing a hooley outside.

check you dont have ticked, use this image as the icon, under input daily weather
or check you dont have ticked use the forecast icon, under summary image setup,
or check you dont have ticked, use the metar to update the icon in the summary image setup